Artist Books widely evade a formal definition because of the complexity of the book form. Some Artist Books focus on historic process like fine binding, letterpress printing and the use of handmade paper. Some focus on narrative elements with or without a formal bound structure. Others are conceptually driven to deconstruct the elements of the book to form new and innovative structures.


I created this artist book, Haiku, in 2006 in response to an assignment during a class called “Visual Poetry” when I was a student at Albion College. I wrote the poems using the syllable rules and formatting of traditional Haiku poetry. Text is letterpress printed images are monoprinted by hand using Akua Ink. The prints are heavily inked, so a “shadow” of the printed image shows through on the page before the print appears.


Book pages are BFK Rives a 100% cotton rag printmaking paper. Letterpress ink is oil-based, ink for monoprinted illustrations is Akua, a soy oil water-soluable ink. Illustrations are printed by hand with some varation throughout the edition of 8 books. Books are bound using a longstitch method. Pages are sewn into a strong, handmade paper cover. 


The dimensions of the book are 6 1/4" W x 7"H x 1/4"D.


Book comes carefully packed carefully in a shipping envelope to assure your order arrives without damage. Typical time to process orders for handmade books is 1-2 business days.


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Just for fun (and the love of paper goods!) Each order comes with a small bonus surprise to thank you for your support and shopping small.

Artist Book 🌑 Haiku 🌑 Letterpress Printed Poems with Handmade Prints